Why an Intro Email?

On this page, there are buttons that allow you to share the MBizCard for Dick O’Donnell in a number of way. But, the preferred method is by an Intro Email. When you send an Intro Email, it allows you to send a prescripted email that makes an introduction. All you have to do is click the button and add the email address of who you want to send it to. The email address for Dick is already cc'd into the email. This is the EASIEST way to send an Intro Email and get credit for making an introduction or referral.

Share By Form

If your device does not automatically pull up your Email Account, then you can share this card by completing the form below. Whenever possible, the Intro Email feature is the BEST way to make a personal introduction.

Share by Text Message

Click the button based on the type of phone YOU have.

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